Symbol of love

Nature has gifted the diamond with unique clarity, lively brightness and endurance to time; and has distinguished the diamond as the most valuable gifts given to men. Ancient writings reveal to us that the diamond has been associated through the years with the most noble and strong feelings of all: love. According to Indies mythology, the diamond had a great deal of influence in love. It was the greatest symbol of eternal love and the ultimate expression of faith and adoration. The Greeks named the diamond “Adamas” (indomitable) combining this symbol of eternal love to the fireful element of passion. Untamed and timeless.

They believed that the fire within a diamond reflects thoroughly the eternal flame in ones’ heart for their loved one. Written texts also tell us that in 1477 the Archduke of Austria desperately seeking to express his deepest feelings to his future wife Mary of Burgundy, offered her a solitaire diamond ring while proposing. The first solitaire engagement ring was now a fact!

In our days, the solitaire ring still expresses the authenticity of true feelings, endless love, faith and devotion. A diamond jewel as a gift for an anniversary re-affirms the deepest feelings to your other half and your willingness to continue the rest of your lives together; keeping your love timeless and indestructible.

At diamond Club you will find the perfect jewel for every unique moment of your life… for the beginning of your marriage, for an expression of love, for the birth of your child, or simply for an “I miss you” and a “just to say: I love you”!

Especially for you

Looking for the perfect diamond has never been easy. This investment in natures’ most valuable gift is often combined with feelings of love and passion. We respect you are looking for the right solitaire to genuinely prove your strongest feelings.

At Diamond Club our specialists will help you chose the diamond that suits best your needs depending on the occasion and the amount you are ready to spend. You will also be able to create your own personalized ring! Once you have chosen the right diamond, you may start looking at the bands and find the one that will most effectively embrace the diamond and enhance its characteristics.

Our craftsmen take great care in respecting each diamonds’ identity and offer their valuable experience to every case. Quality and beauty are guaranteed by Mr. Crhristos Danelian personally.

Find her size

The surprise of a wedding proposal is a magical moment that no girl will ever forget. Offering a ring that is the right size will only complete the moment.

Take a print of a ring.
If she tends to leave her rings around the house… you may pick one and press it gently on a piece of soap, play clay, or a blue tack. You can even use a piece of bread if you can’t find one of the above.

Use a piece of paper.
You can use a pencil and a paper to draw the inside of one of her rings. It is our favorite way and demands just a few minutes.

Try it on you!
It’s fairly easy! You wear her ring on one of your fingers (we recommend the smallest one) and push down as far as it can go. Take a note of the point where the ring fits perfectly.

Talk to her girlfriends.
Her best friend could become your best advisor. It is very common to talk about ring sizes during all those girly talks… it will certainly not raise her curiosity when her friend asks her.

“Borrow” one of her rings.
If you can get your hands on her jewelry box, you may borrow one of her rings for a few hours and bring it to us. We’ll be very glad to let you know her size.